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Destination Cosmo Travel Podcast HD: Rick Steves Europe like Video Podcast, We Bring You to Beautiful Places in HD!

Jun 2017

You’re invited to our 2 Day Film Class in San Francisco CA!

Want to learn or make better videos for your Social Media or YouTube? Ever thought about making your own travel video? Then this 2 day Film Class is for you by Destination Cosmo Travel Video Podcast!

Event will be:

Date: 6/24/17 & 6/25/17
Time: 8am to 4pm

1161 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Plenty of Street Parking on Morning weekends!

The Film Class #1 (2 days) will cover:
-Shooting with Smartphone
-Shooting with iPad
-Shooting with Camera
-Shooting Framing Concepts
-Using a Tripod
-Story Telling Concepts
-Using Titles to tell a story
-Access to my Royalty Free Music
-Use of Music Concept in Film
-How to Make a Music Video
-Editing with iMovie or Final Cut Pro
-Storage/Memory management for your footage
This class is hands on! Meaning that you will make your Film or Music Video at the end! Before you attend the Class, you will need your own equipment camera/Ipad/computer/tripod etc.
Note: Your results will vary depending on your experience, your equipment, your music, and your footage.
General Admission for the 2 Day Film Class is $349, and you can bring 1 friend for just $49 to share the OVERALL COST! Buddy Pass must be accompanied by a General Admission Holder!
This class can be held in any COUNTRY and any MAJOR CITY! If you would like to HOST A CLASS have at least 8 students (General Admission) ready to learn, let us know!
if you have any questions at all, Contact
Jan 2016

Best Coffee Shop in Japan? % Arabica Coffee Shop in Kyoto

This short video is about a beautiful coffee shop called % Arabica in Kyoto Japan near Yasaka Shrine! The coffee was so good and location was so incredible, that we were inspired to do a short  "commercial-like" video for it! We wanted to convey the awesome vibe and warmth that we felt over there as we waited for quite possibly the best perfect cup of coffee we've ever had.

The owner of Arabica, Kenneth Shoji, has won many awards within coffee industry and is considered a world class Coffee Connoisseur; Because of that, % Arabica  is considered one of the best Coffee Shop in the world. Check out Kenneth's Philosophy written in % Arabica's website (, He talks about his history and how % Arabica came to fruition because of it. Really interesting read!

If you are ever in Japan and end up in Kyoto, you have to visit Arabica % and get a nice cup of coffee as you explore the world famous Higashiyama District nearby.

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